Recorded Webinars on Advanced Phonemic Awareness (Kendore Learning/Syllables Learning Center & PaTTAN) and Six Layers of Phonemic Awareness


Advanced Phonemic Awareness Webinar by Kendore Learning/Syllables Learning Center

Learn effective and interactive advanced phonemic awareness activities that you can conduct with your students online!

Leading reading researcher Dr. David Kilpatrick has noted that advanced phonemic awareness instruction provides the biggest impact on the quality of a structured literacy curriculum. However, many programs do not address this need, leaving educators uncertain how to begin. The presenter show you her strategies, and explain how they can be adapted for online learning.

Instructor: Jennifer Hasser, M.Ed., Kendore Learning Executive Director

Advanced Phonemic Awareness Webinar by PaTTAN (Pennsylvania Training and Technical Asistance Network)

This Quick Pick is designed so participants gain an understanding of the three levels of phonological awareness, specifically advanced phonemic awareness and how it impacts word-level reading. Participants will practice some advanced phonemic awareness skills and be provided with resources to assist with implementation of these activities with students. Additionally, classroom videos will be shared to show what lessons might look and sound like with actual students.

Six Layers of Phonemic Awareness: Improve Students' Reading Using Their Ears (Really Great Reading)

Reading With Your Ears? What if we told you that you could improve your students’ ability to read unfamiliar words without showing them a single printed letter? As crazy as it sounds, it’s true! This is because one of the major skills underlying the successful decoding of printed words, phonemic awareness, is a purely auditory and oral skill. It may not be “reading with your ears” in the literal sense, but the sounds we hear and play within words are what allow us to ultimately pull the print off the page with our eyes when we decode.   


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