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Activity: Flower Dissection

Monday, February 23, 2015

Plants - #6: Flower Dissection
Time: One Class Period
  • Flowers;
  • Dissecting Tools;
  • Magnifying Glasses; and
  • Paper Towels
Guiding Questions
  • Name the parts of a flower?
  • How do flowers become pollinated?
  • Why are insects attracted to flowers?
  • What is the job of each part of the flower?
  • What does each part of the flower look like?
  • Have a diagram of flower parts labeled on the Smart Board.
  • Have students gather around as you show the different parts and discuss the job of each.
  • Show students pollen and discuss how flowers are pollinated.
  • Give each student a flower to dissect.
  • Have them lay out the different parts at their workstation.
  • Teacher is to listen to each student verbally identify the parts of a flower and its function.
  • Draw and label flower parts in Science Journals.
  • Discourse – Discuss what the students noticed and learned.
Differentiation: Tactile Learning, Peer Discussions, and Teacher/Student (One on One Discussion)
ELL Modification: Tactile Learning, Teacher/Students (One on One Discussion, Journaling, and Labeling
Check for Understanding:

Discussions and Science Journals

Use with the Impact of Invasive Species on Virginia Ecosystems Lesson Plan

Created by St. Paul School, Carroll County

by Science Generalist at 3:40 PM in Activity, Elementary, Life Science
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