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PBL: Rocketry - Force, Motion, and Energy, Solar System and Space Exploration

Friday, February 13, 2015



Force, Motion, and Energy

Solar System and Space Exploration


4.2 – Force, Motion, and Energy

4.7 a – Planets in our Solar System



On July 21, 2011, The National Aeronautics Space Administration brought back the space shuttle Atlantis from outer space, marking an end to its 30 year space exploration program. Curiosity, the Mars Rover, has sent interesting information regarding the possibility of sustaining life on Mars. NASA is searching for their next group of potential Aerospace Engineers to refocus their efforts in sending astronauts back to space on Space Shuttles, with a strict budget in mind.
Culminating Activity

Rocket Design

Photo Journal to show daily reflections and what they've learned

Problem Question

How can engineers design a cost effective rocket?

Student Role

Aerospace Engineer

download.jpgForces, Motion, Energy and Space PBL Unit Overview Laurel Meadows_Broughton 4th Grade.pdf

Question Map:


download.jpgForces, Motion, Energy + Space PBL Question Map Laurel Meadows_Broughton 4th Grade.pdf

Created by: Ms. Boughton, Laurel Meadow Elementary

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