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Lesson Plan: What Are Molecules and Compounds?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lesson Plan Day 3: What Are Molecules and Compounds?

Level 3 Question(s) Addressed:
  • Water…molecule/compound?
Content Standard(s): NOS Aspects
  • Standard 1- 5.1
  • Standard 2- 5.4

  • Tenet 2 – Reliable & Tentative
  • Tenet 3 – Observation & Inference
  • Tenet 4 – Logic & Imagination
  • Tenet 7 – Social Activity
Student Objective(s) for this lesson:
  1. Objective 1 – All matter is made of atoms, which may combine to form molecules.
  2. Objective 2 – Compounds are composed of two or more separate elements.
Misconceptions to address in this lesson:
  1. Misconception 1 – Atoms and molecules are the same.
Safety Concerns in this lesson:
  • Safety 1 – none
download.jpg Making Our Water Work Lesson Plan Lesson Plan What Are Molecules and Compounds.pdf

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  • Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

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