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Activity: Oily Mess

Monday, March 16, 2015

Time: Two 45 minute sessions
  • Internet access
  • Needed for each group-2 aluminum foil pie tins, water, used motor oil, dropper, cotton balls, nylon, string, paper towels, dishwashing liquid, feather
Guiding Questions ​ ​
How does developing the energy resources affect our oceans and beaches? ​
Plan ​ ​

Plans for part 1 of activity

  • Students write questions K and L in Science notebook and view:


After viewing the videos students will answer the two questions.

  1. What did the oil spill do to the animals and thesurrounding areas?
  2. How will the oil spill affect our ocean and beaches?

Plans for part 2 of activity

  • Simplify the lab
ELL Modification
  • Pair student with English speaking student.
Check for Understanding: ​ Listen to responses in Discourse
download.jpgCommotion in the Ocean Activity Oily Mess.pdf

Use with the Commotion in the Ocean Master Lesson Plan

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