Curriculum Based Assessment

  1. GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: VAAP Participation Criteria and the Determination of Significant Cognitive Disabilities (Updated October 2019) Word - ADA Compliant Version
    Tool to assist IEP teams determine if a student has a significant cognitive disability. This document is a summary of research findings for guidance purposes only.
  2. Guidelines for Participation
    1. Participation criteria (Updated October 2019) Word - ADA Compliant Version
      The Guidelines for Participation are the required questions that an IEP team must use to find each individual student eligible for the VAAP. Note: The VAAP Participation Criteria is located in Appendix.
  3. The Student Profile is a simple way to collect a host of necessary information about a student’s strengths and areas of need. This document is designed to serve as a summary tool for teachers to have critical information at their fingertips that will assist them in determining appropriate entry points of instruction as well as adaptations and modifications required for success.
  4. Communication Tools
    1. Communication Resource Document Word PDF Word - ADA Compliant Version
      The Communication Reference Sheet is a tool for teachers to assist them in helping plan for the communication needs of their students. This document covers the basics of communication and references critical forms of communication typically used by students with significant cognitive disabilities.
    2. Communication Dictionary Word - ADA Compliant Version PDF
      The Communication Dictionary is a simple tool that is designed for instructional teams to determine the meaning behind specific behaviors that a student is using to communicate.
    3. Forms of Communication Word PDF PDF - ADA Compliant Version
      The Forms of Communication tool is designed to help teachers determine students’ forms of communication.
    4. Communication Style Assessment PDF Word - ADA Compliant Version
      The Communication Style Assessment is a tool designed for instructional teams to assist in determining how a student communicates a variety of different communicative functions.
  5. ASOL Matrix (Updated June 2014)
    The ASOL Matrix are used to let teachers know how ASOL are clustered by grade levels and reporting categories. The matrix may be used by teachers to help determine where a student is performing in each reporting category.
    1. History/Social Science PDF Word - ADA Compliant Version
  6. Skills Assessment/Planning Guide
    The Skills Assessment/Planning Guides are designed to allow teachers to determine which functional life skills are going to be priorities for instruction for a student. It also acts as a planning tool for a teacher to determine how to embedded ASOL into functional life skill priorities.
  7. Priorities for Instruction Worksheet (Updated June 2014) Word PDF Word - ADA Compliant Version
    The ASOL Instructional Priorities Planning Sheet is a tool to assist teachers in helping organize their instructional priorities for individual students. This tool allows teachers to put appropriate ASOL and functional skills together to create a student’s instructional program. This form might also be used to assist a teacher in developing a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).