EI on the Fly Podcast (Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center, VEIPD)


These podcasts are designed so EI practitioners like you can easily listen between visits or on breaks during your busy day. Each episode focuses on an important topic that is discussed by two experienced EI professional development specialists who have also been service coordinators, service providers, and parents of children enrolled in EI. Listen often to learn, reflect on your practices, and hear a few tips to do the work you do well even better.

These podcasts are a collaborative effort of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (through a contract with the Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU).

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Teaming and Collaboration Series

This 5-episode series focuses on teaming and collaboration in early intervention. We will discuss five components of successful teaming and collaboration: 1) understanding shared team purpose; 2) sharing common tasks and understanding unique roles; 3) valuing and respecting team members; 4) communicating openly and honestly; and 5) helping one another learn and grow. This series features guests who help us dive into these topics to deepen our understanding of how to collaborate with all team members, including families.

  • Episode 1 - Understanding the Team's Shared Purpose (Run time: 31:18) - NEW
  • Episode 2 - Sharing Common Tasks & Understanding Unique Roles among Team Members
  • Episode 3 - Valuing and Respecting Team Members
  • Episode 4 - Communicate Openly and Honestly
  • Episode 5 – Helping One Another Grow and Learn

Functional Assessment Series

This 8-episode series focuses on how to implement functional assessment (also called authentic assessment) in the context of early intervention (EI). We introduce functional assessment then discuss important components of the process, such as observation, asking meaningful questions, and active listening. We also discuss implicit biases in assessment, how functional assessment fits into the initial assessment and Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) development, and how to use ongoing functional assessment during service delivery.

  • Episode 1 - What is Functional Assessment and Why Does It Matter? (Run time: 32:37)
  • Episode 2 - Intentional Observation (Run time 30:44)
  • Episode 3 - Asking Meaningful Questions (Run time 43:03)
  • Episode 4 - Active Listening (Run time 27:10)
  • Episode 5 – Implicit Bias (Run time 36:56)
  • Episode 6 - Functional Assessment and the Initial IFSP (Run time 39:48)
  • Episode 7 - Ongoing Functional Assessment (Run time 34:56)
  • Episode 8 - What Functional Assessment Means to Supervisors, Practitioners, and Families (Run time 20:01)


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