Skill Competencies for Professionals and Direct Support Staff in Virginia Supporting Adolescents and Adults with Autism


The Virginia Autism Council is a group comprised of self-advocates, professionals and family members. This Council works to advance knowledge and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders by defining skill competencies needed to effectively support a person with ASD and to advance higher education, training and educational opportunities for personnel and caregivers who provide support.

The VAC website is Virginia’s clearinghouse on education and training opportunities taking place throughout the Commonwealth. Training promoted on this website is designed to advance knowledge and skills of professionals and family members regarding topics related to ASD.

The Skill Competencies can be used in several ways to:

  1. assist individuals in identifying their own areas of need for professional development;
  2. guide development of a program that would strictly address the needs of people who plan on working with children and adults with autism;
  3. guide the development of university-based classes to augment existing programs;
  4. serve as a framework to incorporate into existing programmatic instruction, if universities or others preparing paraprofessionals or professionals consider additional program or class development not practical; and
  5. guide training and staff development for direct service staff that serve individuals with autism.


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