Webinar: Coaching for Childhood Educators: Research Findings and Practical Considerations


More ECE programs than ever are implementing coaching programs for their teachers, but not all coaching programs achieve their goals. How should ECE program leaders design a coaching approach that will be successful and sustainable? Coaching is supported by a growing body of research and required by the Head Start Performance Standards and many states’ policies. It can also be labor intensive, and therefore expensive. To create a successful coaching approach, programs need practical guidance, actionable research, and practically feasible approaches to coaching. Based on her recent publication “Primetime for Coaching,” Bonnie O’Keefe from Bellwether Education Partners will explain what research does (and doesn’t) tell educators and program leaders about coaching, and review lessons learned from innovative coaching approaches in the f1eld, including common pitfalls or challenges. This session is suitable for ECE leaders and administrators in Head Start, pre-K, and child care settings, ECE instructional coaches, teachers who want to learn more about coaching, and ECE advocates in a variety of settings.

In this research-bases and practical tip-filled webinar, Bonnie O’Keefe, Senior Analyst at Bellwether Education Partners, will help you:

Understand the definition of coaching in relation to terms like technical assistance, consulting, mentorship, and supervision

  1. Learn about emerging research on coaching in ECE, including what research tells us about coaching’s effect on teacher practice and student learning
  2. Think through decision-points in designing and implementing a new coaching approach in an ECE program
  3. Become familiar with several common evidence-based coaching models and examples of large-scale coaching programs



10/31/2018 2:00 PM - 10/31/2018 3:30 PM


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