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Assistive Technology (AT) Consideration Guide App (iPad only) on iTunes
AT Consideration Guide: IDEA (1997) added the requirement that each IEP team consider the need for assistive technology as part of the Consideration of Special Factors. IEP Teams must also document...
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Webinar- Tools for School: College Accommodations for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities
This webinar is designed to give service providers, for persons with psychiatric disabilities, information to make the process of entering and engaging in post secondary education clear and...
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VISTA Science Instructional Resources
These resources were developed by the Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA). VISTA was dedicated to teaching science using hands-on, problem-based learning (PBL) that...
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2016 Augmenting Mathematics and Special Educator Teams (AMSET) (Grades 6-8)
The Virginia Department of Education Office of Special Education Instructional Services in consultation with the Office of Mathematics and Governor’s Schools and in partnership with James...
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Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals: Transition from the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) to the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA)
On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA), which reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) and replaces the No Child Left...
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