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Virginia Preschool Initiative Provisionally Licensed Teacher Incentive Program (Superintendent's Memo #302-18)
To support early childhood education in Virginia’s preschool classrooms, the 2018 Virginia General Assembly appropriated funds to support well-prepared teachers for children served through the...
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8 Tips to Strengthen Parent Involvement With Digital Tools (EdTech)
Teachers and administrators at K–12 schools recognize the positive impact of parent engagement on student achievement, so many schools and districts now leverage technology to power...
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Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next-Generation Family Engagement: Engaging Families to Transform Education (Oct. 23, 2018)
The paper begins with a challenge, namely: How do we work with families and communities to co-create the next generation of family and community engagement, providing equitable learning...
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Safety for All: Autism Training for Transportation Staff (Online Training Series) (VCU Autism Center for Excellence)
Bus drivers and transportation staff work directly with students with autism and are responsible for their and others' safety during the routes. Drivers and assistants are the first faces students see...
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Virginia On-Time Graduation Rises to 91.6 Percent (Virginia Department of Education News)
Virginia’s on-time graduation rate improved by a half point as more than nine out of ten students who entered the ninth grade in 2014 earned a diploma within four years, the Virginia Department...
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