Webinar: Circle of Infuence: Implementing Shared Decision Making and Participative Management


All too often directors of early care and education programs spend time planning and implementing meetings only to ?nd out that the “real” meeting happens in the parking lot after the designated time that was set aside for the formal gathering. Collaboration and involving staff in the decision-making process can be challenging. Yet, directors can in?uence decision-making practices and it is imperative that they do so.

Building trust and a spirit of collaboration in early childhood programs is central to achieving high-performing work teams. Meaningful involvement in decision making is one way that trust and commitment to organizational goals can be achieved. This session presents a framework for analyzing different types of decisions in program management and how directors can move to a more participatory process in achieving organizational goals.

1. Understand the principles underlying inclusive leadership
2. Become aware of the decision-making style best suited for you and your organization
3. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different levels of participation
4. Apply decision-making criteria to group decisions


12/12/2018 2:00 PM - 12/12/2018 3:30 PM


Collaboration Early Childhood Professional Development Professional Resources