Webinar: Relationships in Early Education: It’s Basic!


What are some basic ingredients in any relationship? We’ll begin this conversation with a foundational sauce of respect and trust. Each requires time, exploration, blending and the stirring of consistent work. In every relationship, especially in early education settings, the adults must work hard to recognize the uniqueness and cultural context of each individual.

This powerful webinar, by Luis Hernandez will offer insights and strategies to help early childhood educators build and enrich their relationships with the children, parents, and other staff members in their organizations. Luis, with his humor and humility will help you reaf?rm the core considerations embedded in developmentally appropriate practices: expertise in our professional standards, understanding the uniqueness of each individual child and parent, and to recognize the family life context each person brings to the relationship.

Participants will:

  • refresh basic developmental principles that are core in our work with children and families
  • reaf?rm the importance of professional expertise and knowledge
  • understand the rationale for individualism in our daily work with children
  • continue to know the importance of the context of a child’s family and community life
  • challenge inherent biases in building relationships with children, families, and each other


11/28/2018 2:00 PM - 11/28/2018 3:30 PM


Collaboration Early Childhood Professional Development Professional Resources