Webinar: Social Emotional Screening of Young Children: Early Identification is Essential to Healthy SEL


In this webinar, assessment and intervention experts, Erin Barton, PhD and Elizabeth Steed, PhD, will describe the purpose of social-emotional screening of young children in the context of promoting social-emotional development and identifying children at risk for social-emotional difficulties. This webinar will provide an overview of specific social-emotional screening tools and how one might pick a tool for their program’s use. The presenters will use a case study to illustrate how to implement one of the most widely used tools, ASQ:SE-2, and make decisions about next steps for children at risk for social-emotional challenges.

Learning objectives:

1. Describe the purpose of social-emotional screening.
2. Name several social-emotional screening tools.
3. Explain how a social emotional screening tool is administered in collaboration with families.
4. Describe how to use screening results to plan next steps based on children’s scores.


11/7/2018 2:00 PM - 11/7/2018 3:30 PM


Early Childhood Professional Development Professional Resources Social/Emotional