Webinar: Why Document in Early Childhood Programs? Exploring the Benefits and Audiences of Pedagogical Documentation


Welcome to Early Childhood Investigations, a webinar series produced by Engagement Strategies, LLC.

Documentation takes many forms and is used for several purposes. Most often, we think of documentation as a form of communication with families and the wider community. Yet, it can be so much more! True pedagogical documentation is a tool for responding to children’s ideas, planning next steps, authentic assessment, and reflection on our own practices and thinking. It informs our work as much as it can inform families and other stakeholders. In this webinar, presented by author and expert, Susan Stacey, M.A., we will see examples of many forms of documentation, including Learning Stories, and reflect about what works for different purposes and diverse audiences.

Join this illustrative webinar to

  • understand the various forms of documentation and when to use each format,
  • see how documentation can be a ‘thinking tool’ that connects us with children’s ideas, strategies, and thinking,
  • learn to use documentation as a reflective practice that leads to teacher growth,
  • examine the documentation practices of Reggio Emilia and the influences these have had in North America.


6/13/2019 2:00 PM - 6/13/2019 3:30 AM


Early Childhood Investigations


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