Webinar: Lessening Challenging Behaviors: Teachers and Classrooms as Partners in Facilitating Pro-Social Development


At times, children’s challenging behaviors are a mismatch between the social & emotional demands of the classroom and their ability to be part of a classroom community. Just like children learn to walk, to recite the alphabet, and to put on their own shoes; they must learn the social & emotional skills they need to navigate the early childhood classroom. There are many ways that teachers can respond to challenging behaviors; but only some of them actually TEACH children the skills they need to control their emotions, as opposed to punish them for their lack of social maturity. This session, presented by author and social-emotional expert, Michelle Salcedo, provides teachers with strategies to respond to behaviors with strategies and techniques that teach children; thus making them less likely to reoccur.

Join this session to:

  • understand and be able to articulate how children’s behaviors are a form of communication.
  • learn and be able to demonstrate practices that are effective in helping children develop pro-social behaviors.
  • learn and be able to apply the MoNSTeR approach to responding to challenging behaviors.


9/11/2019 2:00 PM - 9/11/2019 3:30 PM


Behavior Challenging Behavior Communication/Language Early Childhood Social/Emotional