2018 ASSET-TILT - Physical & Earth Science (Grade Band(s): 6-8, 9-12) (JMU Content Teaching Academy)


ASSET-TILT (Augmenting Science and Special Educator Team- Teaching Inquiry Learning Together) is a VA Department of Education-sponsored two-day academy for high school science teacher and co-teacher pairs. Workshop leaders will model strategies for successfully incorporating high level inquiry and engaging hands-on experiments into their classes of diverse learners. In addition, Participants will: (1) enhance their science content knowledge for effective instructional delivery; (2) learn new techniques for vocabulary development of all students; (3) learn collaboration strategies for science and special educator teams; and (4) will establish a network of support and a learning community of participants. 

The Virginia Department of Education will assume the cost of registration, the extra meal plan (breakfast and dinner) and On-Campus DOUBLE lodging (if you select SINGLE lodging, you must pay the difference of $30) for all Virginia public school teachers.  A $200 stipend will be provided to each participant upon successful completion of this 2-day academy.

A requirement of the ASSET-TILT Academy is a teacher team (one Special Education Teacher and a co-teaching Science Teacher attend). **Important NOTE** When completing the registration form you must BOTH identify the other member of your teacher team (see below). Please be aware that while you may get an email upon completion of the form saying your registration is COMPLETE your status will be changed to PENDING if the other member of your team does not register within 10 days.


6/27/2018 - 6/28/2018


Curriculum/Instructional Methods High School Instructional Technology Middle School Professional Development Professional Resources Science