Heading Forward Together: Brain Injury Conference for Professionals



What?  Heading Forward Together, presented by The Brain Injury Association of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University, is a brain injury conference for professionals (formerly known as the Williamsburg Conference).

When? May 6-7, 2019 (the evening of May 5 will feature an optional fun night in Richmond’s trendy Scott’s Addition)

Where?  The Westin Richmond, Virginia

Speakers: The same great quality of nationally know speakers will still be presenting during a packed schedule.

Mitch Rosenthal Memorial Lecture:   Flora Hammond, M.D. will present the Mitch Rosenthal Lecture as the opening keynote on "Challenges & Strategies in Predicting Brain Injury Outcomes."

Predicting the outcomes of traumatic brain injury has implications to clinical care, resource allocation, research outcome, and patient/family counseling. Over the years we have found several apparent markers of recovery, at least when applied in the general sense. However, translating research in this area into the practice of outcome prediction has significant challenges. Outcome predictions are powerful in that they have the potential to guide expectations and there by impact resource allocation. Most studies on traumatic brain injury have categorized outcome in to good and bad recovery. In many cases, the broad category of “bad recovery” includes “severe disability”, thus combining outcomes ranging from dead and vegetative to not being able to pay your own bills. Markers for recovery might have a potential role in monitoring one’s recovery to identify when someone is not progressing as anticipated. Additionally, predicted outcomes may have a role as a standard by which intervention outcomes are compared, and have been postulated as a tool for stratifying randomization in clinical trials. Other challenges confronting the clinician are how to best approach families with this prognostic information, and how the information should be used clinically (if at all) and when. These considerations for prognostication will be reviewed. Published guidelines and approaches to prognostication, as well as limitations and challenges will be discussed.


5/6/2019 8:30 AM - 5/6/2019 6:30 PM,
5/7/2019 8:15 AM - 5/7/2019 4:30 PM


The Westin Richmond



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