Webinar: Fearless Conversations With Toddlers Intentionality With Loose Parts Adult Virtual Learning Experiences Children's Lively Minds


Welcome to Early Childhood Investigations, a webinar series produced by Engagement Strategies, LLC. This session is sponsored by Exchange Press.

Join early educator Nick Terrones and author Ann Pelo for an interview-style session about Nick's new book, A Can of Worms. Moderated by Mike Browne, this deep discussion will explore the core of the book. In it, Nick shares stories about toddler-initiated conversations about race and identity. While the stories are sometimes amusing and often jarring, at their core, they are probing and important which opens a can of worms that make most adults uncomfortable. Ann, as the Co-Originator of the Reimaging Our Work Series of Books, and Nick the author of the newest book in the series, will share the importance of sitting with discomfort and model a willingness to talk about challenging topics with the youngest children.


1/13/2021 2:00 PM - 1/13/2021 3:30 PM


Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Intervention Literacy