Early Childhood Investigations Webinar: Hiring and Retaining Qualified Staff Is Not Mission Impossible (Katherine Falen)


Are you having trouble finding and keeping dedicated, enthusiastic, and well-prepared staff members? Do you feel stumped about how to find great teachers, and what you can do to keep them? In this webinar, Katherine Falen will provide walk with you through an overview of some of your biggest staffing challenges, and some ideas for overcoming those challenges. This webinar will unique approaches to recruitment, screening, and retention practices that will help improve your odds of making what seems impossible possible.

You will leave this session empowered with new strategies for:

• Recruiting, screening, and hiring.
• Keeping staff members engaged and invested in their jobs
• Discovering valuable staff development resources


3/27/2018 2:00 PM - 2/27/2018 3:30 PM


Early Childhood Preschool Professional Development Professional Resources