AT Solutions for All Students (2011)

Author: TechKnowledgy Conference

You are now entering the Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference area with AT sessions to benefit ALL students with disabilities. We hope you will visit as many of the webshop sessions as possible. You will notice each webshop specifies an approximate completion time and includes an evaluation. The evaluation is required in order to receive a certificate of participation. You may want to print your certificate and attach it to your conference program thus verifying your conference participation. Enjoy the conference! This conference will remain live from November 10, 2011 through October, 2012.

    TIME: 25 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: This webshop will explore creating tables and adding images to tables in Microsoft Word. How can you use images in tables you ask? Well maybe you can make visual schedules and directions for students. If you don't have Boardmaker or other picture software, you can use tables with images of your own, from the web, or from clip art. Also you might consider using a table to help a student learn just the pieces of information they need for an upcoming quiz. Let's get started!
    TIME: 30 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: Come learn how to work with images in Microsoft Word 2007. In this webshop you will get to practice with your own images, download images from the Web and work with clip art images within Word.
    TIME: 10 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: This video created by Judith Schoonover from Loudoun County Public Schools shows how to use everyday objects to create simple assistive technology solutions.
    TIME: 30 minutes per module
    DESCRIPTION: The modules are designed to provide background information on the self-determination movement for people with disabilities and the history of the Virginia Department of Education's I'm Determined Project. These modules provide a strong foundation for beginning your journey toward self-determination. Each module will take 30 minutes or more to complete and include questions for reflection. Participants may want to print out the questions for each module with answers to print and include with the webshop certificate.
  5. TARGET AUDIENCE: AT Teams, Mild/Moderate, Low Incidence, Autism, ECE
    TIME: 1 hour per video
    DESCRIPTION: Grab some popcorn and a drink, sit back in your easy chair and check out these video sessions from last year. These following sessions are at least an hour in length and chocked full of information. Remember to use the arrows at the top right corner of each page to move between videos.
    1. Improving AT services through consultation, collaboration and coaching 2. Universal design for learning: What does it look like and why should I care? 3. Developing your assistive technology: Best practices for success 4. Planning for continuity: Transitions for people who use assistive technology 5. Top tech tools for math Oh, and did you lose your handouts from the TechKnowledgy Conference last year? Look no further, many of those great session handouts are available in this webshop too!

Tag(s): Assistive Technology Curriculum/Instructional Methods Mild/Moderate Disabilities