Self-determined learning model of instruction

Author: Colleen Thoma
Description: This workshop will provide information about a teaching strategy called the self-determined learning model of instruction. This strategy builds upon a problem-solving model to teach students to make decisions and choices for themselves in a variety of settings. There isn't one way to use this, but there are some basic components to learn. We'll say that it takes one part theory (understanding why and what it is), one part teacher attitude (how you do it) and two parts creativity (helping students use it in different settings, and in different ways). Let's get cooking....
  1. This webshop will set the groundwork for self-determination: what it is, why it's important and how the self-determined learning model of instruction can increase self-determination skills in general.

  2. This is the second part of the introductory webshop on increasing student self-determination skills through the use of the Self-determined learning model of instruction. In this webshop, you will learn the steps of the self-determined learning model of instruction and how to make some of the other changes in the classroom that support the development of student self-determination.
Tag(s): Curriculum/Instructional Methods Mild/Moderate Disabilities