Entertaining "Growth Mindset" Video Series Is A Free, Research-Based Tool About Brain Power (AIM-VA Blog)


Growth Mindset: Big Ideas for The Classoom — Episode 2/5

Check out a free series of videos on the Class Dojo website offering a strong message for students that their brains are not fixed but like a muscle and can grow and work for them to improve their skills at school.

Entertaining Ideas  The videos, dubbed "Big Ideas for The Classroom" help teachers motivate students and build their resilience when frustration and failure cause self-doubts. There will be five in all when the series is complete. They can be a best option for teachers who branch out beyond print resources for teachers who meet with special education students in small groups for "lunch bunch" or other sessions promoting social skills. In fact, they are ideal to use for all students whose teachers, guidance counselors, mentors or others are working to develop a "growth mindset."

Collaboration  The videos show the magic that happens when research and practice blend to support students in innovative ways. These videos are high on entertainment value and use cartoon characters from the Class Dojo.External Link to Class Dojo (New Window) electronic classroom management platform and reporting system to parents. The content is rich thanks to Carol Dweck and the Stanford University PERTS program.External Link to PERTS program (New Window). Work there is focused on academic motivation and both creating and evaluating free resources that help students become more passionate, resilient, and successful learners. Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, recognized that children who believe their intelligence could grow did better in school, and better in life. This basic belief about intelligence is known as “mindset.”

Here is the status of the video series.External Link to video series (New Window) thus far: 

  • Chapter 1: A Secret About the Brain is out
  • Chapter 2: The Magic of Mistakes is out
  • Chapter 3: The Power of "Yet," is coming on Jan. 31
  • Chapter 4: The World of Neurons coming on Feb. 1
  • Chapter 5: Little by Little is coming on Feb. 14


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