Showcase PreK in VA pilot program open for registration (Superintendent’s Memo 242-18)


Six of Virginia's VPI+ divisions have graciously agreed to open their doors to visitors this school year.  Showcase PreK in VA, is a unique opportunity for selected VPI+ programs to share promising practices in a particular learning focus area and to foster collaborative learning networks across the Commonwealth.  One of the programs, Giles County, will be showcasing "Building Systems for Collaboration and Inclusion of Children with Disabilities."

Showcase PreK in VA is not about “perfection,” it’s about reflection–creating the opportunity for educators and leaders to engage meaningfully around a promising practice in the same time and space.  It’s about acknowledging that often, in getting educators together, “the answer is in the room.

Visitors to a Showcase day can expect:

  • A day of interactive professional development experiences (including guided tours and hands-on activities) so they can know, see, do, and reflect on promising practices.
  • To hear from program leaders and early childhood teachers about steps they’ve taken to implement and refine practices and conditions that help at-risk students thrive.
  • Time to plan for implementing relevant elements in their own home programs.
  • Access to curated artifacts and resources to clarify practices and provide support for implementation.

Questions regarding the registration process, waitlists, and cancellations should be directed to Laura Heath, Administrative Support for VPI+, via email at or by telephone at (804) 225-3717. Questions regarding the pilot program should be directed to Dr. Laura Kassner, VPI+ State Coordinator, via email at or by telephone at (804) 225-3394.


Questions about registration- Laura Heath
Questions about pilot program- Laura Kassner




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