Trauma Learning Modules (Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports, VTSS)


Welcome to the online trauma learning modules for Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports, VTSS. They believe that becoming a Trauma-Sensitive School is a journey. These tools will help to develop the systems to gain knowledge, to build practices, and to have the skills to support a Trauma-Sensitive School. Within the learning modules, you will interact with content that is focused on developing a Trauma-Sensitive School. Supplemental activities, resources, and an action planner are included to help guide your implementation. Videos from experts and division staff implementers are also included with each module to enrich your experience.

Finally, the six modules are focused on the following topics:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Trauma and Becoming a Trauma-Sensitive School
  • Module 2: Families and Communities as Partners
  • Module 3: How Trauma Impacts Learning
  • Module 4: Strategies and Classroom Practices (academic, social-emotional learning, trauma-sensitive environments, regulation, cognitive problem solving, relationships, school-wide discipline, self-care)
  • Module 5: Implementation and Systems (division, staff, administrators)
  • Module 6: Resilience


Behavior Collaboration Curriculum/Instructional Methods Family Engagement Professional Development Professional Resources Social/Emotional Virginia Tiered System of Supports (VTSS)