Help Your Child Forge Lasting Friendships (ATTITUDE: Inside the ADHD Mind)


Making friends requires skills that don’t come naturally to children with ADHD. Learn how teaching conversation courtesy at home and working with teachers to develop small group experiences can help.

Soutions in the Classroom

  • Keep in mind that a child with ADHD may lag in social maturity. 
  • Post rules for proper behavior and guidelines for respecting each person’s space, words, and ideas.
  • Hold class meetings that focus on social skills. 
  • Arrange positive small-group experiences. 
  • Develop a secret sign

Solutions at Home

  • Prepare your child for social situations.
  • Express behavioral goals in positive terms. 
  • Teach conversation courtesy.
  • Invent games that foster empathy.
  • Create the conditions for successful play dates.
  • Let your child play with younger kids


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