Morphonix LLC


Morphonix™ LLC has been developing award-winning games, apps, songs, and stories for more than 25 years. Morphonix was a pioneer in recognizing the huge need for alternative educational tools that stimulate children to learn about their brains in schools and at home. Morphonix has become known as the “Brain Game” company. Its energies have been focused on developing a series of computer games and mobile apps that make the abstract concepts of brain science more fun and comprehensible to children and teens.

Children as young as four have journeyed into the amazing world of neuroscience and the brain by playing our games, and have come out with an appreciation of what an amazing and vital organ their brain is and the importance of protecting it.

Morphonix’s award-winning games include NeuroPlay Adventures for ages 5-8, Every Body Has a Brain for ages 4-6, Neuromatrix for ages 11-14, and Journey into the Brain for children ages 7-11.

There are a few free games, but most have a fee.


Assistive Technology Curriculum/Instructional Methods Elementary General Education High School History/Social Science Middle School Recreation Science Sensory/Motor Traumatic Brain Injury