What Content-Area Teachers Should Know About Adolescent Literacy (2007)


This report summarizes some of the current literature on adolescent literacy research and practice. It is not a research synthesis or a literature review; such an effort is well beyond the scope of this document. Rather the report suggests some methods of building adolescent reading and writing skills in the classroom. To the extent possible, recommendations are evidence-based. There is little published literature on the effectiveness of instructional approaches or programs for adolescents, and the results from some new effectiveness research, now in press, were not available during the development of this report. With the limited research base available, research on other groups such as younger readers, dyslexic readers, and adult beginning readers have informed the recommendations made in this document. Extrapolating from this research does not negate the need or import of research investigating the effectiveness of instructional approaches or programs for adolescent, but rather provides useful guidance that can inform what instructors do today.


Curriculum/Instructional Methods Evidence-Based Practice High School Instructional Strategies Learning Disability Literacy Middle School Mild/Moderate Disabilities