Findings and Conclusions: National Standards Project, Phase 2 (National Autism Center)


The National Autism Center has released the results of the largest systematic review to date of interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The resulting report identifies effective, research-based interventions for individuals across the lifespan. The report, Findings and Conclusions: National Standards Project, Phase 2, updated the Center’s 2009 summary of the ASD intervention literature for children and youth under age 22 and added information about interventions for adults. This project is designed to give educators, parents, practitioners, and organizations the information and resources they need to make informed choices about effective interventions that will offer children and adults on the spectrum the greatest hope for their future.


After High School Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Intervention Elementary Evidence-Based Practice High School Instructional Strategies Middle School Parent/Family Preschool