Science of Reading: The Podcast - S6 E3: Focused implementation: Doing less to do more with Dr. Doug Reeves


On this sixth season of the show, they are focusing on what it takes to transition to the Science of Reading. They are looking at how all levels of education from the individual classroom up to the state level can most effectively begin and sustain a transition to the Science of Reading. So early in this season, we wanted to be sure to bring you an expert on implementation science. Someone with years of experience working on school improvement and systems change. That person is Dr . Douglas Reeves, co-author of the new book Building to Impact the 5G Implementation Playbook for Educators. Dr . Reeves is the author of more than 40 books and a hundred articles on education and leadership. And he joined me to talk all about the science of making long lasting and sustainable change. This conversation is going to be valuable to listeners interested in learning how to ensure new initiatives actually become a part of a school or district's culture, and ultimately help as many kids as possible. 


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