HLP 11 Checklist: Identify Long- And Short-Term Learning Goals (High-Leverage Practices Implementation Guide)


Before teachers can systematically design instruction and select relevant and appropriate adaptations to the curriculum to help ensure student success, they must first identify long- and short-term learning goals. Goals should be based on the general state standards/curriculum, but also individualized student needs. However, in practice, writing goals for students requires a nuanced understanding of what the standards are asking the  student to know and be able to do, while at the same time giving consideration to the students’ individualized needs and capabilities. Goals should be measurable, and relevant to the students’ needs.

Based on the HLP resources and information shared at the workshop on May 16th, 2019 by Dr. Michael  Kennedy, the following is a checklist to guide school leaders and other professionals as they address key elements that comprise the identification and prioritization of long- and short-term learning goals.


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