HLP 13 Checklist: Adapt Curriculum Materials and Tasks (High-Leverage Practices Implementation Guide)


A hallmark of students with disabilities is they struggle to successfully learn content within the general education curriculum at the same rate and with the same success as peers without disabilities. All IEPs contain a section to record needed adaptations (which can be broken down into accommodations and modifications) to help the student bridge the gap between their current functioning level and the level needed to succeed within the stated curriculum. Teachers who are strategic about leveraging key accommodations and modifications are in position to help their students access the curriculum in powerful ways that can lead to learning and behavioral success.

Based on the HLP resources and information shared at the workshop on May 16th, 2019 by Dr. Michael Kennedy, the following is a checklist to guide school leaders and other professionals as they address key elements that comprise ways to successfully adapt and modify curriculum tasks and materials for students with special needs.


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