VDOE Comprehensive Literacy Webinar Series (Webinar Recordings)


Webinar Recordings

The Comprehensive Literacy Webinar Series focuses on best practices in literacy instruction and resources available to school divisions. Through the diverse expertise of our partners and presenters, the Virginia Department of Education's goal is to offer timely, research-based, and instructionally sound sessions to Virginia educators.

Webinars take place January & February 2020.  Recordings of the webinars are posted after the webinars take place.

Topics include:

  • Comprehensive Literacy-Best Practices for Elementary Reading Blocks
  • Best Practices in K-2 Reading Instruction
  • Best Practices in Grades 3-5 Reading Instruction:  The Reading/Writing Connection
  • Reading in the Middle Grades
  • Sharing with School Divisions Lessons Learned from Divisions on Best Instructional Practices
  • Balanced Assessment: Middle School Writing in the History Classroom
  • Understand Scoring: Performance Assessments for Verified Credit in Writing
  • Co-teaching in the English classroom
  • Academic Language- English Learners in the English classroom
  • PALS: How to use reports to inform instructional decisions in your school
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Integrating the English standards into other content areas



Curriculum/Instructional Methods Elementary English Learners (ELs) Literacy Middle School Preschool