Math Advise for Parents from Professor Jo Boaler (Youcubed at Stanford University)


Do you remember how excited your children were about maths* when they were young? How they were excited by patterns in nature? How they rearranged a set of objects and found, with delight, that they had the same number? Before children start school they often talk about maths with curiosity and wonder, but soon after they start school many children decide that maths is confusing and scary and they are not a “math person”. This is because maths in many schools is all about procedures, memorization and deciding which children can and which cannot. Maths has become a performance subject and students of all ages are more likely to tell you that maths is all about answering questions correctly than tell you about the beauty of the subject or the way it piques their interest.

Given the performance and test-driven culture of our schools, with over-packed curriculum and stressed out students, what can parents do to transform maths for their children?

This handout includes some advice for ways to guide students in their mathematical journeys and some helpful links to areas of the Youcubed site that parents can go to for more resources. (Available in Spanish)


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