Helping Traumatized Children Learn


The Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative’s (TLPI) mission is to ensure that children traumatized by exposure to family violence and other adverse childhood experiences succeed in school.  To accomplish this mission, TLPI engages in a host of advocacy strategies including: providing support to schools to become trauma sensitive environments;  research and report writing;  legislative and administrative advocacy for laws, regulations and policies that support schools to develop trauma-sensitive environments; coalition building; outreach and education; and limited individual case representation in special education where a child’s traumatic experiences are interfacing with his or her disabilities.

Ongoing Activities

  • Helping schools create trauma-sensitive environments;
  • Advocating for laws, policies and funding streams that will enable schools to create trauma sensitive learning environments
  • Improving trauma sensitive approaches to meeting the needs of individual children at school in both regular and special education;
  • Engaging in a public education campaign to teach policymakers, educators, administrators, health and mental health providers and parents about the impact of trauma on learning and the need for trauma sensitive schools


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