Video Resources: Educator Pathway to Success (I'm Determined)


Video Resources: Educator Pathway to Success - Educators often ask, “Where do I start?” While every educator may introduce self-determination in different ways, the Educator Pathway to Success gives you ten bite-sized videos that were created in a way to help answer that question.

If you are new to self-determination, it is suggested that you view them in the order laid out below. However, if you want to skip around, it will still make sense, so feel free to go through this video resource in whatever way suits you!

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Student Voice
  3. The Role of Instructional Design
  4. Connection Between School and Home
  5. Fostering Independence
  6. Making Connections through Engagement
  7. Enriched Learning Environments
  8. Problem-Solving Using the Goal Plan
  9. Self-Regulation using the Good Day Plan
  10. Self-Awareness Using the One-Pager


Curriculum/Instructional Methods Family Engagement Independent Living Instructional Strategies Self-Determination Transition