Supporting All Students: Resource Guides for Scaffolding Instruction of English Language Arts and Mathematics (New York State Education Department)


The Supporting All Students Resource Guides were designed through collaboration between the New York State Education Department and partners in the field.  The purpose of these guides is to provide teachers with examples of scaffolds and strategies to supplement their instruction of English language arts (ELA) and mathematics curricula.  The guides use the EngageNY ELA and mathematics modules as exemplars since they are free and open source curricula available for all New York State educators.

What are scaffolds?

Scaffolds are instructional supports teachers intentionally build into their lesson planning to provide students support that is “just right” and “just in time.”  Scaffolds do not differentiate lessons in such a way that students are working on or with different ELA texts or mathematical problems.  Instead, scaffolds are put in place to allow all students access to grade-level content within a lesson.  Scaffolds allow students to develop the knowledge, skills, and language needed to support their own performance in the future and are intended to be gradually removed as students independently master skills.


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