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PBL: Underneath The Ocean's Surface

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Level 3 Question(s) Addressed: ​ ​
  • What are the geologic characteristics of the ocean floor?
  • What is underneath the surface of the water?
  • How deep is the ocean?
Date(s): Days 3 - 5 ​
Content Standard(s): NOS Aspects
  • Standard 5.6a
  • Standard 5.7e
  • The natural world is understandable
  • Science demands evidence
  • Scientific ideas are durable
  • Science is a blend of logic & imagination
Student Objective(s) for this lesson:
  • The student will investigate and understand geologic characteristics of the ocean environment.
  • The student will investigate and understand how Earth's surface is constantly changing due to plate tectonics.
Misconceptions to address in this lesson:
  • Misconception 1: the continental shelf has a very steep slope
  • Misconception 2: the ocean is same depth everywhere
  • Misconception 3: the percentage of Earth covered by H2O
  • Misconception 4: islands float
  • Misconception 5: there are many separate oceans
  • Misconception 6: the seafloor is flat
Safety Concerns in this lesson:
  • Safety 1: None
download.jpgCommotion in the Ocean PBL Underneath The Ocean Surface.pdf

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