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Activity: Follow-Up on Phase Change Activity #1

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time Approximate time to complete this activity 25 min.
  • Material 1 – journals
  • Material 2 – pencils
  • Material 3 – phase change activity from the previous lesson
  • Material 4 – scales
  • Material 5 – camera and photo printer
  • Material 6 – glue sticks
Guiding Questions

II. Question 1 - How has the water in the phase change activities changed?

JJ. Question 2 - What caused those changes and how is heat related?

  • Plans for part 1 of activity:
    • Students will photograph and record visual observations of their phase change activity in their journals.
    • Students will find the mass of their activity and calculate the change from the previous lesson in their journals.
    • Students will record their ideas about what caused the changes observed.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What differences do you see?
      • What differences can you measure?
      • What caused the changes?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Phase changes, loss of water
      • Mass
      • Temperature, various responses
  • Plans for part 2 of activity:
    • Students will gather into a discourse circle to share their observations.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What caused the changes and why do you think that? What is your evidence?
      • How does one group's results compare to another's results?
      • What do you mean by temperature? What is heat? What is cold?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Various responses
  • Strategy 1 – small group work
  • Strategy 2 – technology used to aid in the collection of observations
ELL Modification
  • Modification 1 – steps for collecting observations displayed in 1, 2, 3 order
  • Modification 2 – visual representations used with instructions

Check for Understanding The students will be assessed through the observations they collect in their journals and what they share during the discourse circle.

download.jpgMaking Our Water Work Activity 1 Follow up on phase change activity 1.pdf

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