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Activity: Ocean Floor Vocabulary

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Activities Days 3 – 5 ​ ​
#1 Introduce ocean floor vocabulary using Smartboard lesson and foldable ​
Time: Approximate time to complete this activity: 1 day (class period) ​
  • Letter size plain paper to create foldable
  • Notes and other graphics showing the ocean floor
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils
  • Science journal
Guiding Questions ​ ​
  1. What does the ocean floor look like?
  2. How deep is the ocean floor?
  3. Does the depth of the ocean change?
Plan ​ ​
  • Plans for activity:
    • Construct a small foldable that demonstrates the ocean floor by folding a piece of plain paper in half using the hot dog fold.
    • Using a combination of information found in your notes and in the other graphics of the ocean floor in the graphics review section, draw the ocean floor. Your drawing on the front should cover the entire length of the paper. Your drawing must include the following features: Continental slope, continental shelf, continental rise, abyssal plain, mid-ocean ridge with a rift valley, seamounts, guyots, islands and a trench
    • Cut the top part of the foldable to make flaps for each feature.
    • Under each feature write the name of the feature under the flap and on the other side of the fold, describe that feature.
    • Add color as desired.
  • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
  1. What does the ocean floor look like?
  2. Did you find different representations that were confusing?
  3. How deep is the ocean?
  • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
  1. Discourse.
Differentiation: ​ Strategy 1: Students will have a variety of resources to assist in
ELL Modification: ​ Modification: give an example of the foldable and show an example of pictures
Check for Understanding: ​ Check in with students throughout this activity for comfort with the Gizmos activity and graphing the ocean floor. Assist as needed.

download.jpgCommotion in the Ocean Activity Ocean Floor Vocabulary.pdf

Use with the Commotion in the Ocean Master Lesson Plan

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