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Lesson Plan: How Can We Clean Water?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lesson Plan Day 8 – How Can We Clean Water? ​ ​
Level 3 Question(s) Addressed: ​ ​
  • How can we use our knowledge of phase changes to clean water?
Date(s): Day 8 ​
Content Standard(s): NOS Aspects

  • 5.4b - the effect of temperature on the phases of matter
  • 5.4e - mixtures including solutions

  • Tenet 1 – The natural world is understandable.
  • Tenet 2 – Science uses a blend of logic and imagination.
  • Tenet 3 – Scientific knowledge is the product of observation and inference.
Student Objective(s) for this lesson: ​ ​
  1. Objective 1 – Understand the similarities and differences between mixtures and solutions.
  2. Objective 2 – Explore ways to separate solutions.
Misconceptions to address in this lesson: ​ ​
  1. Misconception 1 – A solution is a type of mixture not a compound.
  2. Misconception 2 – Solutions can be separated into their original compounds.
  3. Misconception 3 – Dissolving is a not chemical process.
Safety Concerns in this lesson: ​ ​
  • Safety 1 – Spillage of water, creating a slipping hazard.
download.jpgMaking Our Water Work Lesson Plan How Can We Clean Water.pdf

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  • Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

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