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Date(s): 4/15/2021 3:30 PM - 4/15/2021 4:40 PM
Description: What does it mean to be an inclusive school or have an inclusive classroom? And how as co-teachers do we meet the diverse needs of our students? Join us in the discussion.
Date(s): 4/15/2021 3:30 PM - 4/15/2021 4:30 PM
Description: Join us for an interactive session with hands on practice to learn tricks of the trade, strategies and resources for math SOL prep. High Leverage Practices (HLPs) that enhance test preparation will be shared. This session is intended for new teachers or teachers who want additional strategies and resources to prepare students for math SOL tests. Learning Intentions: Participants will learn about high leverage practices and strategies that enhance student engagement and test taking skills....
Date(s): 4/14/2021 7:00 PM - 4/14/2021
Description: This Family Engagement Series is open to families of English Learners, Title I, and/or Special Education students. Join us to learn more about our Summer School Program offerings! We will review the programs offered to all students in Prince William County Public Schools. We will review the registration process and provide dates for submitting and deadlines. A discussion time to answer questions will be provided. The presenters for this session will be: Lauren Daley, Summer School Coordinator in...
Date(s): 4/13/2021 3:00 PM - 4/13/2021 4:00 PM
Description: Topics- Postsecondary Transition: Intentional and Strategic Best Practices that Allow ALL Students to Access Postsecondary Opportunity, Related Equity 5 C: Continuous Reflection Presenters:  Sarah Bazemore, School Counseling Specialist, Virginia Department of Education  Erin McGrath, Assistant Director of College Access & PK-12 Outreach, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Date(s): 4/10/2021 - 4/16/2021
Description: The Week of the Young Child® is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the world's largest early childhood education association, with nearly 60,000 members and a network of 51 Affiliates. The purpose of the Week of the Young Child® is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. NAEYC first...
Date(s): 4/8/2021 3:00 PM - 4/8/2021 4:00 PM
Description: Are you an educator seeking to learn about essential practices that address the needs of students with literacy difficulties, including, but not limited to, those with disabilities? Do you need support intensifying literacy instruction for struggling readers? On April 8, 2021 at 3:00 pm EDT Drs. Kim St. Martin and Sharon Vaughn will highlight some key essential practices presented in Intensifying Literacy Instruction: Essential Practices Considerations and will reflect on considerations for...
Date(s): 3/31/2021 11:15 AM - 3/31/2021 3:30 PM
Description: Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention (ORTIi) is pleased to open registration for the Day 2 of the 2021 ORTIi Annual Conference Series. This second day, Ensuring Inclusive Practices for Students with Disabilities, will take place on March 31, 2021 from 8:15 AM – 12:30 PM PST (11:15 AM - 3:30 EST) and will be completely virtual, and completely free! Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, or MTSS, is an effective framework for providing the level of instructional support and coordination...
Date(s): 3/26/2021
Description: The Urban Assembly and SEL4US invite communities across the globe to celebrate the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) on the second annual International SEL Day on March 26, 2021. Our theme this year is Building Bonds, Reimagining Community. We know that SEL changes lives. Studies show that SEL provides many benefits to students—from improved social-emotional skills, well-being and behavior to improved academic outcomes—and these results are long-term and global, with...
Date(s): 3/25/2021 6:30 PM - 3/25/2021 7:30 PM
Description: Connect with your IFSP Regional Support Council on Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 6:30pm to learn more about: Mental health resources and supports from experts in Virginia and in your community Signs and symptoms of mental illness How to create a crisis plan Guest Presenter:  Sarah Wilson, Associate Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Virginia
Date(s): 3/24/2021 2:00 PM - 3/24/2021 3:00 PM
Description: The landscape of our educational system has changed drastically over the past year due to COVID-19. As such, schools and districts must be prepared for the return to large-scale in-person learning and building capacity to support students with a wide range of risk factors, including those who have not engaged in virtual learning. In this webinar, Jenny Scala (Principal Researcher at American Institutes for Research) and a panel of district- and state-level representatives from Ohio will provide...
Date(s): 3/24/2021 12:00 PM - 3/24/2021 1:00 PM, 3/24/2021 3:00 PM - 3/24/2021 4:00 PM
Description: The Literacy Bill of Rights states that all persons, regardless of the extent or severity of their disabilities, have a basic right to use print. Using the principles of Universal Design for Learning it is possible to facilitate meaningful participation in reading activities by altering access, content, and materials as well as providing communication supports. Positive language learning experiences result when all have access to books. This webinar, designed to introduce participants to a...
Date(s): 3/23/2021 3:00 PM - 3/23/2021 4:00 PM
Description: This webinar will be presented by: Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin, Superintendent, Petersburg City Public Schools   R. Erin Comninaki, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Lynchburg City Public Schools  Thomas Franco, Project Analyst in the Office of Technology, Virginia Department of Education
Date(s): 3/20/2021 10:00 AM - 3/20/2021 11:00 AM
Description: A professional workshop on the science of mindfulness and how mindfullness-based exercises can help reduce stress and increase a sense of wellbeing during challenging times in our lives.
Date(s): 3/19/2021 12:00 PM - 3/19/2021
Description: VDOE is excited to provide an update on the development of the new uniform quality measurement and improvement system. This webinar will build on the content provided in the first Quality Matters webinar held in the fall. During this webinar, VDOE will be providing an overview of the proposal for Virginia's new unified quality measurement and improvement system, which is a key component of VDOE's efforts to build a unified early childhood system. Anyone interested in learning about the...
Date(s): 3/18/2021 3:30 PM - 3/18/2021 4:40 PM
Description: During this Coffee with Coordinators, we'll learn about how to provide assistive technology at a universal, focused, and intensive level of instruction and what to consider when delivering instruction under hybrid/virtual conditions.
Date(s): 3/17/2021 4:30 PM - 3/17/2021 5:30 PM
Description: Harness the power of High Leverage Practices (HLPs) to boost your inclusive practices! The Ready, Set, Go Team in coordination with TTAC @ GMU is pleased to offer four, 1-hour virtual community of practices for general education teachers and special education teachers who serve students pre-K-12 with disabilities. The community of practices will be aligned with TTAC’s Ready, Set, Go newsletter articles published at the beginning of the same month. Read the Ready, Set, Go and then join...
Date(s): 3/16/2021 12:00 PM - 3/16/2021 1:00 PM
Description: Ever heard there is no “I” in team? For students with disabilities, the “I” in the IEP (individualized education program) team is a critical component! The IEP team ensures students are provided an individualized program that promotes progress toward challenging goals and objectives and provides the student with a free appropriate public education (FAPE). In this webinar, the PROGRESS Center’s Timara Davis and Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center and...
Date(s): 3/9/2021 3:00 PM - 3/9/2021 4:00 PM, 3/16/2021 3:00 PM - 3/16/2021 4:00 PM, 3/23/2021 3:00 PM - 3/23/2021 4:00 PM
Description: Webinar 1: Maximizing Student Engagement in Math:  Planning and Assessment using Just in Time Quick Checks and High Leverage Practices  March 9, 2021 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm   Participants will learn: To plan scaffolded lessons using High Leverage Practices (HLPs) To use VDOE’s Just in Time Quick Checks to plan differentiated instruction and scaffolds that are systematically designed toward learning goals.   To embed self-regulation and self-monitoring...
Date(s): 3/9/2021 3:00 PM - 3/9/2021 4:30 PM
Description: An overview of Culturally Relevant Teaching, Related Equity 5 C: Culturally Responsive Presenters include: Maria Burgos, Supervisor of Global Learning and Culturally Responsive Instruction, Prince William County Public Schools
Date(s): 3/8/2021 - 3/13/2021
Description: The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)'s Learning Interactive Virtual Event (L.I.V.E.) will transform this year's Convention & Expo from an in-person gathering to an online experience while keeping what you love about this great event. From the comfort and convenience of your home with reduced registration rates and flexible scheduling, CEC L.I.V.E. will bring you: Opening Keynote Presentation with Dr. Tyrone Howard, one of the country's premier experts on educational equity and access...
Date(s): 3/6/2021 9:00 AM - 3/6/2021
Description: The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC), in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), is pleased to announce our 2021 Family Engagement Symposium entitled “Together We Win and Students Soar.” This year’s Symposium will continue to create synergy and robust systems of support for all parents and caregivers of school-aged children (PreK-12), especially children receiving special education services, new and experienced educators,...
Date(s): 3/4/2021 3:00 PM - 3/4/2021 4:00 PM
Description: David Adams spent almost seven years as the Director of Social and Emotional Learning at Urban Assembly, where he and his team works with a network of 22 urban schools in New York to ensure that all staff and students receive relevant experiences and purposeful instruction to develop the social emotional competencies that impact students’ success in school, work, and life. David’s wide-reaching (and international) experience gives him a unique perspective with how and why...
Date(s): 3/2/2021 1:00 PM - 3/2/2021 2:00 PM
Description: Decades of research show the positive effects of classroom-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs for children. There’s also broad recognition that benefits are even greater when educators’ SEL is supported and children experience SEL throughout their day: across home, school, and out-of-school time environments, and throughout developmental stages. When implemented holistically – with a coordinated, community-wide, and child-centric approach – SEL can build...
Date(s): 3/1/2021 2:00 PM - 3/1/2021 3:00 PM
Description: Motivating students is a challenge for the most effective and experienced teachers, even in the best of times. But the past year has been anything but the best of times. Most schools are using a mix of remote and in-person instruction, while many others are still using full-time remote instruction or socially distanced in-person learning. The result is that many students are disengaging from school, teacher morale is consistently lower than before the pandemic, and principals are trying to...
Date(s): 2/24/2021 7:00 PM - 2/24/2021 8:30 PM
Description: Dyslexia is a serious reading disorder affecting 5 to 10% of individuals in the United States. However, its causes and the best treatments for it are not well-understood. Dr. Devin Kearns will begin with an explanation of the skills students require for reading success and then address the nature of dyslexia and how it causes reading problems.  Finally, Dr. Kearns will provide guidance about the elements of instruction that are essential for the success of students with dyslexia and how to...
Date(s): 2/24/2021 4:30 PM - 2/24/2021 5:30 PM
Description: Harness the power of High Leverage Practices (HLPs) to boost your inclusive practices! The Ready, Set, Go Team in coordination with TTAC @ GMU is pleased to offer four, 1-hour virtual community of practices for general education teachers and special education teachers who serve students pre-K-12 with disabilities. The community of practices will be aligned with TTAC’s Ready, Set, Go newsletter articles published at the beginning of thesame month. Read the Ready, Set, Go and then join...
Date(s): 2/23/2021 4:00 PM - 2/23/2021 5:30 PM
Description: Registration is full. As shared in the Evidenced Based Specially Designed Instruction in Mathematics Webinar, Schema Based Instruction is an evidenced based strategy for teaching word problem solving to students with disabilities. Participate in this webinar to learn more about this strategy and how to use it effectively with your students! The zoom link will be emailed to the participants prior to the webinar.  
Date(s): 2/23/2021 3:00 PM - 2/23/2021 4:30 PM
Description: This will be a Panel Discussion on Trauma Informed Care for Racial Trauma and Strategies to Support the Unique Needs of Black Students in Schools . (Equity) Panelists include: Dr. Danielle Apugo, Professor of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University  Dr. Charles Barrett, Lead School Psychologist, Loudoun County Public Schools
Date(s): 2/17/2021 5:55 PM - 2/17/2021 7:00 PM, 2/24/2021 5:55 PM - 2/24/2021 7:00 PM, 3/3/2021 5:55 PM - 3/3/2021 7:00 PM, 3/10/2021 5:55 PM - 3/10/2021 7:00 PM, 3/17/2021 5:55 PM - 3/17/2021 7:00 PM, 3/24/2021 5:55 PM - 3/24/2021 7:00 PM
Description: Middle school-age youth (grades 6-9) are invited to participate in six sessions of LifeSkills Training. Participants will learn healthy habits and build skills. This evidence-based program covers topics such as: self image and self-improvement, coping with anger, making decisions, social skills, assertiveness, communication skills, myths and realities about smoking, alcohol and marijuana, resolving conflicts, advertising, and coping with anxiety. Teens who attend regularly earn gift cards! Class...
Date(s): 2/17/2021 3:00 PM - 2/17/2021 4:30 PM, 2/24/2021 3:00 PM - 2/24/2021 4:30 PM, 3/3/2021 3:00 PM - 3/3/2021 4:30 PM
Description: Please Note: At this time, we have reached maximum capacity for the platform, and, as much as we would like to, are not able to admit any more registrations. While we are very excited by the unexpected demand for the series, we understand the frustration of being told registration is closed and apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working to provide some options for those people who still wish to register. If you are interested, please use the link provided to be placed on our...
Date(s): 2/17/2021 2:00 PM - 2/17/2021 3:00 PM
Description: Students with disabilities have been one of the hardest hit groups of students during the pandemic. While many states have prioritized bringing these students back to in-person learning, ongoing closures have forced schools to adapt individualized learning plans to a wide array of new learning environments—while families grapple with uncertain digital access and training to support students at home. We’ll look at how districts can provide better continuity of support for these...
Date(s): 2/17/2021 2:00 PM - 2/17/2021 3:30 PM
Description: Join Nadia Jaboneta and Deb Curtis as they share stories and approaches that transform teachers’ views of children’s competence and the profound importance of brain development and schema explorations during play. You will hear engaging ideas to work with teachers, using a variety of reflective tools and profound yet simple information, to help teachers really see children of all ages, and the roles they can play to enhance the teaching and learning process. Ideas we will explore in...
Date(s): 2/12/2021 1:00 PM - 2/12/2021 2:00 PM
Description: Presenters: Paul Wehman, PhD, is Professor of Special Education and Counseling, Director, Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, Virginia Commonwealth University There are hundreds of thousands of individuals with significant disabilities who remain unemployed in this country. This is a massive waste of a valuable human resource. Businesses of all sizes and industries have indicated their interest in hiring persons with disabilities, but they want to know more about how to find qualified...
Date(s): 2/11/2021 3:00 PM - 2/11/2021 4:00 PM
Description: Make social and emotional learning a way of being—all day, every day, and in any setting. The pandemic and subsequent switch to distance learning combined with recent instances of racial injustice have put a spotlight on cracks in the practice of social and emotional learning (SEL). More than ever before, schools are shifting their focus and prioritizing SEL competencies—around the nation and the world. The call for compassion has never been greater. To easily and effortlessly build...
Date(s): 2/9/2021 6:00 PM - 2/9/2021 7:00 PM
Description: One in five children have learning and thinking differences, and among students with identified learning disabilities, 70 percent spend at least 80 percent of their school day in the general education setting. For all students who learn and think differently to thrive, all teachers need to understand their learner variability and tailor support. This edWebinar will help demystify special education in the general education setting. Amanda Morin, Associate Director, Thought Leadership and...
Date(s): 2/9/2021 3:00 PM - 2/9/2021 4:30 PM
Description: Strategies to Support Multilingual/English Learner Students in Remote/Hybrid Learning Environments  Panelists Include: Dr. Jessica Costa, English Learner Instructional Specialist, Virginia Department of Education
Date(s): 2/8/2021 - 2/25/2021
Description: The 2021 IMD Education Symposium consists of an introduction to self-determination and the I'm Determined project, plus three weeks of learning opportunities. Each week will focus on one topic that will be experienced in two ways: Self-paced modules  - hosted on Canvas Free for Teachers. The modules will open up at the beginning of the week and you can complete the activities when it best suits you! You decide how many activities you want to complete. Live Sessions -...
Date(s): 2/6/2021 - 3/26/2021
Description: Winter Registration Transition University will offer a 5-session self-paced online series to help parents/guardians navigate the transition process for their school age child and prepare for the adult world. Life is full of transitions. For families of children with disabilities thinking about the future can bring mixed emotions. Some families are just trying to make it through day-to-day challenges and might not feel they have the energy to think about what happens after high school. Others may...
Date(s): 2/5/2021 4:30 PM - 2/5/2021 6:00 PM
Description: This free, interactive webinar will feature four sessions on Virginia Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TAC) Resources, Differentiation Strategies, Co-Teaching, and Virtual Teaching. Presentations will highlight practical strategies for use in today's classrooms by university faculty, administrators, general education and special education teachers, co-teachers, and preservice teachers.
Date(s): 2/4/2021 5:00 PM - 2/4/2021 6:30 PM
Description: Supporting the transition to adult Life during a pandemic: Resources for special educators, parents, and students with disabilitiesJoin us for our first event of 2021! This session is designed for special educators, parents, and students to learn about current transition resources. Our featured speakers for this session are: Dr. Colleen Thoma, Professor, Department of Counseling and Special Education, VCU Judy Averill, Director for the Center on Transition Innovations, VCU Marianne Moore,...
Date(s): 2/4/2021 4:30 PM - 2/4/2021 5:30 PM, 2/11/2021 4:30 PM - 2/11/2021 5:30 PM, 2/18/2021 4:30 PM - 2/18/2021 5:30 PM, 2/25/2021 4:30 PM - 2/25/2021 5:30 PM
Description: Virginia Ability is pleased to partner with the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) to celebrate Job Shadowing Month. Virginia businesses will take part in a four-week series during February to help students with disabilities explore career opportunities and ask questions.  February 4, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. – Career Cafe #1: Jump Start your Career with Virginia Businesses Spotlighting Southern States, Anthem, Dominion Energy, Performance Food Group, Federal Reserve...
Date(s): 2/3/2021 2:00 PM - 2/3/2021 3:30 PM
Description: Are you a dynamic presenter, keynote speaker, or professional development trainer who inspires your learners? Over the past year, presentations have changed dramatically and adjusting your dynamic presentations to a virtual environment can be tricky. Whether you are really an impactful expert speaker or someone who could use new ideas for your presentations, this session is for you. Join instructional design, adult learning, and presentation experts, Tim Waxenfelter and Brian Washburn, from...
Date(s): 2/2/2021 12:00 PM - 2/2/2021 1:00 PM, 2/2/2021 3:00 PM - 2/2/2021 4:00 PM
Description: Math is a subject that can invoke a wide range of emotions. For students with disabilities, a lack of access to math tools and notation can lead to anxiety and poor performance. This webinar will look at strategies to make math instruction more accessible by improving the structure of materials, incorporating low-tech assistive technology, and using text-to-speech, handwriting, and speech recognition supports.
Date(s): 1/27/2021 7:00 PM - 1/27/2021 8:00 PM
Description: This presentation will dissect the IEP, examine the parts individually, learn the functions of each section, and how the parts come together to create a whole document. You will learn constructive and practical tips to help create an IEP that supports the student accessing a free and appropriate public education.
Date(s): 1/27/2021 2:00 PM - 1/27/2021 3:30 PM
Description: Join Miriam Beloglovsky, co-author of the Loose Parts: Inspiring Play award-winning books, and Diane Spahn, Director of Education with Kodo Kids, as they explore the 6 w's that serve as a framework to select and set up loose parts that provoke children's inquiry. This webinar will guide you to apply educational and design knowledge when curating loose parts to maximize children’s learning. Participants will learn the value of loose parts, discover how to curate the loose parts utilizing...
Date(s): 1/27/2021 1:00 PM, 2/24/2021 1:00 PM, 3/24/2021 1:00 PM
Description: The General Assembly session is upon us. Many of Virginia’s youngest learners—especially disadvantaged children—have missed out on early learning opportunities as a result of COVID-19. Additional investments are urgently needed to support young learners to develop the key literacy, math and socio-emotional skills needed to be successful. Come learn about these investments in Virginia's children! The Office of Early Childhood is hosting a series of webinars to assist divisions...
Date(s): 1/26/2021 6:30 PM - 1/26/2021 7:30 PM
Description: Hosted by PEATC, this webinar is presented by John Cimino and Kerry Chilton, attorneys with the Disability Law Center of Virginia (dLCV). Although the use of restraint and seclusion in private schools for students with disabilities has been regulated for years in Virginia, the use of these practices in public schools was not subject to statewide regulation until newly adopted regulations took effect in January, 2021. This presentation will address when restraint and seclusion may, and when they...
Date(s): 1/26/2021 3:00 PM - 1/26/2021 4:30 PM
Description: A Look at How Region II School Divisions Lead Together for Equity Panelists Include: Dr. LaQuiche Parrott, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Virginia Beach City Public Schools  Dr. Jennifer Clayton, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Administration, The George Washington University Dr. Sheli Porter, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning, Chesapeake Public Schools  Alaina Trott, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chesapeake Public Schools  Camille...
Date(s): 1/25/2021 2:00 PM - 1/25/2021
Description: Who: Hosted by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and presented by Dr. Erica McCray (CEEDAR Center), Dr. Kent McIntosh (Center on PBIS), and Dr. Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds (NCII). What: Free webinar focused on looking back at the central historic, systemic inequities that have created an environment in which a majority of educators are ill-prepared and unwilling to name and discuss race and racism in classrooms, and the impact on the discipline and special education...
Date(s): 1/21/2021 6:30 PM - 1/21/2021 7:30 PM
Description: The COVID-19 pandemic and all of its uncertainly has added additional stressors and anxiety for many individuals. Managing a remote work and a virtual learning environment while trying to maintain a normal home life balance has become overwhelming for many families and professionals. We can no longer look at self-care as a luxury but rather prioritize it as a necessity. You can take steps now to manage these changes and the roller coaster of emotions that arise daily. When you make...