Instructional and Environmental Strategies for All Learners - Problems with Organization

Problems with Organization
  • Create and teach routines and procedures. 
  • Provide teacher demonstration & modeling, guided, independent practice, and frequent review opportunities. 
  • Use checklists and mnemonics to help students remember the expected behaviors. 
  • Color code notebooks and school book covers. 
  • Have students "check" unneeded books and notebooks at the door. They can pick up their items as they exit class. 
  • Attach things that often get misplaced (pencils) to students' desks with Velcro. 
  • Use assignment books and calendars. 
  • Check that homework assignments are written down daily. 
  • Provide a copy of assignments for home. 
  • Check homework daily. 
  • Send daily/weekly progress reports home. 
  • Provide a time weekly for organizing desk and notebooks. 
  • Assign a peer buddy to assist with organization. 
  • Create backwards timelines for larger projects. 
  • Help students estimate how long it will take them to complete each portion of a project. 
  • Provide an outline of the text. 
  • Color-code to identify vocabulary, main ideas. 
  • Teach students to identify and highlight key information. 
  • Use slot outlines. 
  • Teach note-taking skills. 
  • Provide page numbers where answers can be found. 
  • Provide advanced organizers. 
  • Allow student to use a computer to complete assignments. 
  • Use graph paper to help students organize calculation problems, or turn notebook paper horizontally. Provide boxes for students to write in answers. 
  • Avoid cluttered/crowded worksheets. 
  • Teach goal-setting skills.
  • Teach decision-making/prioritizing skills. 
  • Teach time-management skills.
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