Instructional and Environmental Strategies for All Learners - Challenges with Understanding/Comprehension (Updated July 2020)

Challenges with Understanding/Comprehension
  • Explicitly Teach the meaning of key vocabulary words. 
  • Provide an example of a correctly solved problem at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Provide visual cues to help students who may have difficulty visualizing shapes, dimensions and sizes. 
  • Have students verbally or visually explain how to solve a math problem. 
  • Provide students with a strategy to use for solving word problems. 
  • Introduce only one concept at a time and teach to mastery. 
  • Provide many practice opportunities and include problem solving, reasoning, and real-life application to help with transfer of information. 
  • Have students "talk aloud" as they complete problems.
  • Model and teach metacognitive strategies (Model and verbalize problem solving strategy, guide students through verbalization of problem solving, monitor student verbalizations as they describe problem solving strategy). 
  • Use cooperative learning techniques such as "jigsaw" or "think-pair-share". 
  • Teach in small chunks so students get lots of practice with one step at a time. 
  • Provide learning aids such as calculators to help students focus on conceptual understanding. 
  • Use estimation throughout the day and have students estimate a reasonable solution prior to starting any computation.
  • Teach facts in families. 
  • Demonstrate all concepts with manipulatives.
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