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Three-Part Webinar Series- Facilitating a Seamless Transition to Adulthood: Practical Information You Can Use Right Now! (TransCen Online)
There is a job for everyone who wants one, regardless of disability, need for support, or economic vitality of their community. The culmination of public education for all youth with disabilities...
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Samuel Habib & Judy Heumann
Webinar- "Our Disability Roadmap": Judy Heumann talks with Samuel Habib about Transition
Join Samuel Habib as he speaks with disability rights revolutionary Judy Heumann for the first in our year-long, FREE series of webinars: “Our Disability Roadmap." Judy and Samuel will discuss a...
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Webinars: Virginia Educators Applying Reading Science (VEARS)
Registration for Webinars - Note. Each webinar is a stand alone offering. There is no need to take all 6 of webinars. AND You will be able to choose your session at the end of the process. Each...
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Early Childhood Provisionally Licensed Teacher Incentive Program (VDOE) - Applications are due by November 11, 2022
The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) announces the continuation of the Early Childhood Provisionally Licensed Teacher Incentive Program. This program provides funding of up to $30,000 each for...
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Dyslexia Resource Hub (University of Florida Literacy Institute, UFLI)
This collection of dyslexia resources was compiled and curated by the University of Florida Literacy Institute team. The goal is to help parents, teachers, and advocates of students with dyslexia...
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