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VDOE Comprehensive Literacy Webinar Series (Registration Information and Webinar Recordings)
The Comprehensive Literacy Webinar Series focuses on best practices in literacy instruction and resources available to school divisions. Through the diverse expertise of our partners and presenters,...
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iPad Basics - Getting Started
(Note: You need a TTAC Online or VA Family account to access) iPads are very useful tools and are now found in most classrooms around the country. This webshop is a short tutorial on the basic...
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Virginia Community School Framework (VCSF) (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)
The Virginia Community School Framework (VCSF) seeks to remove nonacademic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success. Community schools vigorously pursue equity by creating...
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Assistive Technology Tools in Schools Booklet (Assistive Technology Network, Virginia Department of Education)
This guide is designed to support professionals and families in understanding assistive technology (AT) and identifying possible AT tools for students from preschool through high school. “I have...
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Checklist for Kinship Caregivers & Checklist for Schools Working with Kinship Caregivers
Checklist for Kinship Caregivers Are you raising or providing primary care for a child or youth of a relative or family friend? This checklist is for kinship caregivers who are enrolling students and...
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