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TechKnowledgy Webinar: Assistive Technology Tools in Literacy Instruction and Support (Kelly Fonner)
As concern for literacy learning heightens in educators of all students, we look to practices that promote a variety of strategies to meet the curriculum requirements of students with special needs....
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Call for Proposals! Creating Connections to Shining Stars (Deadline for submissions is 2/1/19.)
This conference will focus on promoting and supporting the implementation of evidence-based practices in inclusive settings for infants, toddlers, and young children, both with and without...
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Virginia’s Special Permission Credit Accommodation for Locally Awarded Verified Credit (Superintendent’s Memo #322-18, Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)
To provide students who previously participated in VSEP with additional opportunities to earn verified credits, the Virginia Board of Education adopted revisions to the Guidelines for Standard Diploma...
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Inclusive Practices (Superintendent’s Memo #324-18, Virginia Department of Education)
The Inclusive Practices webpage has been designed to provide information and resources to assist in the development of school and community-based programs for students with disabilities, especially...
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8 Tips to Strengthen Parent Involvement With Digital Tools (EdTech)
Teachers and administrators at K–12 schools recognize the positive impact of parent engagement on student achievement, so many schools and districts now leverage technology to power...
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