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Webinar: A Cross-Walk of Resources for Implementation of the Five Pre-ETS Priority Areas
During this webinar NTACT will share a variety of tools and resources that are available on national and state secondary transition related websites that address the five Pre-ETS priority areas....
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CAST: Free Learning Tools (UDL)
It is a place to browse and build resources, lessons and collections. You can use and share these materials to support instruction guided by the UDL principles. UDL Studio ™ UDL Exchange ™...
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Sign It! American Sign Language Classes Online (Parents of children 36 months of age or younger who are deaf or hard of hearing can use the curriculum free of charge)
Sign It! is an innovative new online curriculum for learning American Sign Language (ASL). The instruction is done by professional actors (both deaf and hearing) who are fluent in ASL and is highly...
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Sensing, Acting, Learning: Strategies for Learners with Multiple Impairments (Presenter: Millie Smith) (Virginia Project for Children & Young Adults with Deaf-Blindness)
Students with visual and multiple impairments have very unique educational needs. When their present levels of performance are at the sensorimotor and early preoperational stages, regardless of...
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Underage Drinking Prevention Education Project (VAHPERD- Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance)
Resources for Parents & Other Caring Adults Video Resources The Underage Drinking "Talk" Saves Lives "No Drinks for You” - Anti-Social Hosting Law Enforcement: Social Hosting ...
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