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VSDB Outreach Services’ Wednesday Webinar - Serve and Return Interactions: Serving Children with Hearing Loss
Serve and Return interactions shape the development of a child’s brain. This session examines the research base underlying “serve and return” interactions, and is aimed at improving...
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Equity Webinar: Reframing School Discipline Part 1: A Virginia Profile of School Discipline Disproportionality and Variables Making an Impact
Presented by Dr. Jennifer Piver-Renna, Director of Research, Virginia Department of Education
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TechKnowledgy Webinar: AAC Implementation: Making the most of every opportunity!
Presenter: Holly Nester - Teams spend a great deal of time and effort thoughtfully considering the most appropriate communication device for a particular student. However, the roadblock often comes...
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The Dyslexic Edge: Pathways to STEM Excellence Conference
The Dyslexic Edge: Pathways to STEM Excellence Conference is where we begin to change the conversation about dyslexia education. This conference is intended for: Educators Industry professionals...
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Social Security Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Launches Online Scam Reporting Form (Nov. 2019)
The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration, Gail S. Ennis, and Commissioner of Social Security, Andrew Saul, announce the launch of a dedicated online form to receive reports from...
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